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Why is community important in today's society?

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Today is an important day in the Buddhist calendar - it's Sangha Day, where we celebrate one of the 'Three Jewels' of Buddhism.  The Three Jewels are at the heart of Buddhism, and include:3-jewels-triratna - Marc

  • The Buddha (The person who gained enlightenment for the sake of all beings, and shared his experience with others) - Yellow
  • The Dharma (The teachings through which the Buddha shared his experiences of enlightenment, making it possible for others to achieve) - Blue
  • The Sangha (The spiritual community who have gained enlightenment, and the people with whom we share our lives) - Red

Community plays an important part in my life, both in my Buddhist practice but also my interest and roles within the Joomla! Community, so I thought it would be helpful to unpack what my thoughts were on why community is important in today's society.

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